Whats the big idea?


The big idea is to take ordinary POP advertising to the next level. Why? To sell more of course!


Here's how we do it:


ACTIVE LIGHT is a manufacturing and production company that specialises in electronics.


By combining lights (LEDs, etc.), sound (sound chips, etc.), motion (solar rockers, motors, etc.), people sensors (motion and light detectors) and a variety of really cool electronic gadgets, we are able to give POP advertising a visual and interactive edge.


The result is much needed attention and brand elevation as well as the ability to provide a brand image that is a cut above the rest.


Active Light was born through inspiration, a twinkle in the eye.


We recognised the power (excuse the pun) of electronics in advertising. An ordinary print just doesn't captivate people like lights and sound do.


As brand competition has grown over the years, so have we, because smart people know that good POP advertising needs a little something extra!



We like a challenge. Every day we are challenged to reach new heights in our work.


When a client wants it bigger, better and brighter, we knuckle down and do the research.


We are an ever-evolving company and are constantly experimenting with new material and technologies.


In our business, the future always looks bright!


We have a lot of great concepts, and we know from experience that they work.


Presently our focus is very much on streamlining our production and finding more cost-effective ways of producing the goods for our clients.


We are also great believers in making use of local resources and suppliers. This enables us to produce the goods on the tightest of deadlines.